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Analyze & Forecast

Data Collection


Using insights from marketing, statistics and epidemiology we help clients optimize their brand portfolio strategies and positioning, estimate market potential, segment their market, find niche areas, optimize operations or loyalize their clients.
We help clients predict changes in the industry by using insights from marketing and predictive analytics or machine learning. When it comes to analyzing the data you collect, we can help you organize your analytics team’s processes, select the right modeling approach, unify data from disparate units and implement it all using the latest big data technologies.

We have proven capabilities in collecting data through call-center, field-work, focus group facilities and web interviews platforms.
With the support of our data scientists we can help you collect large amount of data over internet using advanced searching techniques (Web scrapping, Python) to meet your needs. We offer international coordination and provide results in a variety of user friendly formats.

We have the capability to develop training syllabus and deliver it. The following topics can be covered: clinical trial management, epidemiology/ biostatistics, HEOR, behavioural change, communication, campaign impact evaluation, monitoring.





We use data and technology to transform the operational efficiency of institutions and to improve the lives of vulnerable groups enabling 50 million people to achieve an improved quality of life, productivity and reinsertion into society.




We work with public and private entities and reinvest a part of our money to work directly with vulnerable groups. We do it by: 

1. Providing consulting  services to public organizations UNICEF, UN that work with vulnerable groups

2. Providing direct support to vulnerable groups through our services

3.  Providing support to pharmaceutical companies and other private entities to improve their operational activities and strategies leading to savings that could be invested in R&D.


Who are we?


We are an international team of epidemiologists, neuroscientists, market experts, data scientists, industry experts and health economists that combine analytical skills and international experience to guide you through your next breakthrough idea.

Our streamlined approach is based on insights from economics, statistics, neuroscience, machine learning, marketing, industry and international expertise to support your strategic and operational decisions.


HDS applies pharmacovigilance regulations designed by the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association following EMA requirements.

“By 2021, at least 50% of global GDP will be digitized, with growth in every industry being driven by digitally-enhanced offerings, operations and relationships.


Less obvious is the fact that data is driving this change. In fact, the ability to put data to use is what will separate the winners and losers of tomorrow.” International Data Corporation Institute


High quality relationships with physicians, KOLs, patient organizations, investment funds, policy makers and pharmacists on local markets

Top-edge technologies like Machine Learning or Deep Learning for data analysis​

Mixed teams: epidemiologists, data scientists, market experts, health economists & industry experts

Due to low administrative costs and automation of tasks we can provide lower prices versus our competitors


We take pride in the vast experience of our consultants and advisers, many of whom are recognized as experts in their respective fields. Our close collaborators come from a select group of respected academic (Cambridge, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, European University Institute, NYU), industry (AT Kearney, Bain & Company, World Economic Forum, Analysis Group, Ropharma) and development experts (World Bank).

Rajiv Chowdhury

Professor in Epidemiology

Rajiv is a qualified physician and associate professor in Epidemiology at Cambridge University. His areas of interest are cardiovascular, nutritional and genetic epidemiology.

Rajiv holds a master and PhD in

Epidemiology from Cambridge University and he is a fellow of the UK Royal Society for Public Health.

Nicolae Done


Health Economist, PhD

Nicolae is a senior health economist. In the past, he has led the Romanian Observatory. An industry expert with interests in data science, health economics, global development, innovative technologies, and reform-minded leadership.

Nicolae holds a BSc in Chemistry from Harvard University and a PhD in Health Economics from John Hopkins University.

Eva-Maria Hempe

Business Management, PhD

Eva is an industry expert with over 10 years of experience in the field (3 years PhD and 8 years in consulting most recently as a junior partner in a leading strategy consulting firm) for various large pharma and life-science companies. She previously worked as a project manager for the World Economic Forum.​

Eva holds a PhD and post-doc from Cambridge University.

Diana Pirjol

Executive Director, MBA

Diana is an epidemiologist with experience in market research and impact evaluations in the pharmaceutical  & healthcare sector. Her experience spans across Europe and US. She previously worked with the World Bank Group and pharmaceutical consultancy companies.

She specialized in epidemiology (Mphil Cambridge Univ.) and health economics/ management (MSc Vrije Univ.). 

Nathan Fiala

Professor in Economics

Beth Nathan is Assistant Professor at University Connecticut. He has worked across the globe with the World Bank, Think Tanks, Universities, NGOs, Government institutions.

He has a PhD in Economics and a BSc in Mathematics.

Edson Araujo

Health Economist, PhD

Edson is a Senior Economist at the World Bank’s Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice. He serves as one of our key advisers. Over the last years he has provided technical assistance and policy advice to governments in low- and middle-income in Africa, Latin America and Asia.  


He specialized in health economics at University of York (U.K.) and Queen Margaret University (U.K.).

Anil Sorathiya

Data Scientist, PhD

Anil is a Data Scientist who has 15 years of experience in data analytics and machine learning in the healthcare and financial domains. His interest lies in solving challenging problems faced by customers and provide solutions by building prototypes for them. 

Anil holds a masters degree in Computer Science from Manchester University and PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Cambridge University. He has worked on mathematical modelling of HIV-1 dynamics during his PhD.

Dani Sandu

Social Scientist, PhD

Dani is a social scientist with a rich background in public policy working for CEE national and local governments, the World Bank Group and the European Commission. His current work builds on more than 10 years of experience in civil society and recent advances in machine learning and economics. Dani is also a media commenter, lecturer and one of the founding members of Romania first fact-checking organization and the first data-illustrating initiative

He is currently pursuing a doctorate at the European University Institute, in Florence and is a visiting exchange student at New York University.

Sebastian Demean,


Industry Expert, MBA

Sebastian is an industry expert with extensive experience in data science, market access and health economics in Europe and US. He has worked for AT Kearny (RO) and  various other consulting companies in the past.

Sebastian holds an MBA from MIT and a BSc from Oxford University in financial mathematics.

Beth Parkin

Neuro-scientist, PhD

Beth is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience.  She has extensive experience applying insights from neuroscience to optimize performance under pressure, working with elite athletes from the British Olympic Team, British Sailing Team, Dunlop Sport and GSK Human Performance Lab.


Beth holds a PhD from the Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at University College London and a Masters from Cambridge University in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Sophie Attwood

Behavioural psychologist, PhD

Sophie is a doctoral graduate in behavioral psychology and Chartered Health Psychologist from the University of Cambridge. Sophie has extensive experience managing applied behavior change research in industry settings. Sophie has successfully designed and managed applied behavior change research projects across a range of diverse contexts, including in private healthcare, public services, large global technology companies, start-ups, the UK Government and with charities and social purpose companies.

Mihai Corneanu

Business Management, MBA

Mihai has over 15 years of experience in global business development, consulting, advisory and strategy, international media and communication, mainly working on new market penetration and new product development.

Alongside his roles in the USA and Europe, Mihai was the Head of Global Business Development at ROPHARMMA Pharmaceuticals establishing and managing partnerships in America, Asia and Europe to double turnover in 5 years.

MBA alumnae at the Graduate School of Management, Clark University, USA, he also holds a master degree in Business and Communication and a BS in Finance and Banking. 

Lucian Stefan

Technology Expert, BSc

Lucian is an industry expert with extensive experience in technology consulting with PwC and other major companies in Europe and the US.

Lavinia Dinca

Computer scientist, PhD

Lavinia is a computer scientist in the area of cryptographic key derivation from biometric sources (iris and fingerprint), distributed PKI, and behavioural biometrics (gait) as a source for random number generation for cryptographic applications. Tools used: Matlab for biometric feature extraction.
She has vast experience in solution security assessments on various projects, GDPR implementation.

Lavinia holds a PhD from City University Hong Kong.

Nii Simmonds

Financial & business expert, MBA

Nii Simmonds has extensive management experience with Fortune 500 companies in consumer products, pharmaceuticals, biotech and strategy consulting. Functionally, Nii has held positions in management accounting, corporate finance, strategy, supply chains, new product development, and brand marketing. Nii has sector experience in agribusiness financial inclusion, diaspora investments, credit enhancements and financial innovations.

Mr. Simmonds got his B.S. in Management/Finance from Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University and a minor in Information Systems and Statistical Analysis. Mr. Simmonds holds an Executive Education Masters in Operations/Business Process Management from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.



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