We have proven capabilities in collecting data through call-centre, field-work and focus group facilities and web interviews platforms. In ensuring the highest quality data we follow a 6 fold approach as described below:

1. Design & pilot the data collection instruments

Instruments are designed based on internationally agreed protocols. In order to validate the instruments these are piloted in non-survey sample area to capture the local context and ensure internal validity

2. Set up the data collection protocols

Necessary protocols include:

  • Sample selection

  • Drop criteria

  • Replacement strategy in case respondent cannot be reached

  • Set system for reporting drops and replacement logbook

  • Define target respondent

  • Define protocol on how enumerator will obtain respondent consent

  • Data quality monitoring systems

3. Draft the data collection manual

The manual provides the basis for the enumerator training. The manual contains information about:

  • Purpose of the study

  • Roles and responsibilities 

  • Survey protocols

  • Instructions for questionnaire 

  • Master code list and detailed explanation of software

4. Plan the fieldwork

Enumerators - conduct the surveys



  • Manages the team of enumerators

  • Checks all surveys for completeness

  • Does back-check surveys and quality checks

Research analyst

  • Develops electronic data collection template

  • Exports and reviews data on daily basis

Data entry operator - performs the data entry 

5. Train enumerators

Classroom training

  •  Includes plenary, group sessions and games/ tests

  • Enumerators do mock interviews in front of group

  • Enumerators receive feedback and grades

Field training

  • Use location not part of survey sample

  • Trainers evaluate enumerators

Enumerator selection

  • Train 1/3 more enumerators than needed

  • Rank candidates based on performance

  • Create waiting list for replacement

6. Monitor data quality


  • Accompanies field teams & sits on interviews

  • Gives feedback and debriefs teams in the evening

  • Keeps under-performing enumerators accountantable

Logbook management

  • Check response and completion rate

  • Ensure drop replacement and the reason why

Back-checks/ independent audit

  • Performs random checks on 10% of the sample

  • Perform a third visit when needed

  • Confirm status if dropped/ replaced



If you are confident and enjoy meeting people, join our panel of market research interviewers where you can enjoy a variety of interesting work. In your role you will benefit of rigorous training and learn about the latest technological tools. Our surveys are carried out using mobile tools over the phone of face to face.

Join our role by contacting us at

Mystery shopper or standardized patient

In this position you will have to play a role as a consumer or as a patient. All qualified persons will benefit of trainings and will have to pass our accreditation examination.

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