COV-19: HDS offers to help the UN to carry a rapid assessment of the outbreak

Updated: May 6, 2020

HDS jas joined forces with the NGO and the UN to better understand the current situation of the COVID 19 outbreak in vulnerable communities in Romania. The risk assessment aims to provide an initial understanding of the situation of the most vulnerable children and their families, which will inform the public authorities and the UN on the steps they should consider taking. As a company with extensive experience in impact assessments and needs evaluation HDS has provided technical support in this area. "We feel it is a great opportunity to give back and help those most in need. We really liked the cause and offered to help. We will use our most valuable resources, our experts" (declared the Executive Director). Some of the experts involved in the project will be Nathan Fiala (professor in economics from the University of Connecticut), Diana Pirjol (Epidemiologist and Executive Director HDS), and Francesco Ficarelli (economist, MSc LSE).

The study can be found here:

Photo credit: US Embassy in Romania

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